Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a link to some of the questions that are most frequently asked of me.

5th wheel caravanning
Advice for new caravanners.
Awnings - What size should I get?
Buying a motorhome.
Caravan Pricing
Caravan Site finder.
Caravan Storage
Check before setting off?
Electric's - Diagnose a burnt out 12S plug.
Electric's - Leisure Battery information and charging.
Electric's - Managing without the Mains.
European Fuel costs.
Propane or Butane gas?
Servicing your own van.
Sourcing parts for an old caravan.
Television Reception and Aerials.
Towing - Mirrors.
Towing - NTTA - Guide to safe and Legal towing.
Towing - Pre-departure checks.
Towing - Speed and here.
Towing - Weights.
Towing behind a motorhome. Can I tow my car?
UK Club sites.
Useful addresses and links?
Winter preperations