Home Projects for caravanners.

Welcome to the home projects page.

The following projects are available at the moment, but if you have any others then please contact me through the feedback page.

Home servicing

A guide on how to service your caravan yourself. Provided by Norman Elkington.

Electronic level indication

Make your own electronic level indicator. Designed to be seen while driving onto a pitch. Provided by Harry Bloomfield.

Additional fridge cooling

A guide to how to fit a fan to provide extra cooling in your fridge in hot weather. Provided by Mike Sansom.

How do I wire a 13 pin ISO 11446 socket?

A link to the Wikipedia page and to the Right Connections pages that have details the wiring of this new style socket.

How can I test both the 12S and the 12N Sockets on your car?

David Thorber details how to test your sockets in the case of problems.

Many thanks to all of the above for letting me reproduce this information from their orginal postings in the usenet group uk.rec.caravanning and from subsequent email conversations.