Caravanning Now - Checklist

Before you drive off and leave a site, check the following:

Pack the awning and other heavy items in the centre of the 'van, over the axle.

All windows, skylights, cupboard doors, wardrobe doors, toilet door, etc. are firmly and securely closed.

The toilet valve is shut, and the toilet is firmly secured by its restraining band! A bit messy if you forget this. If the toilet is more than half full, empty it before departing.

Unplug from the site electric's and pack the power feed cable in its storage location.

All electric switches set for the 'car' and if possible water pump/taps switched off.

Place towels on top of all cups, plates etc. in cupboards to stop them jumping about when moving.

Make sure NO oddments are on any open shelves. They'll soon fall off.

If you put an aqua roll in the 'van have it no more than ~half full and place it over the axle and make sure it can't move in any direction as evern half full, it will be heavy and can cause damage. I used to always carry the empty aqua roll in the boot of my car and have an old washed milk bottle full of water for teas.

If you don't normally have vision through the 'van then travel with the curtains/blinds shut to keep the 'van cooler in summer.

Check that the Gas bottle is switched off.

Check all corner steadies are fully up and that the 'van step is inside the 'van, and the waste water containers etc. in their storage location (front locker or car boot).

Hitch up to the tow ball and check that the safety cable (on pig tail, if possible) is attached and that the hitch indicator is in the 'safe' position.

Attach the stabiliser if you use one.

Check that the Jockey wheel is fully raised or removed. Whichever you prefer.

Connect the Car - Caravan electric's (brake lights, indicators etc.) and get your helper to check that all of functions work.

Release the 'van parking-brake

Fit and adjust your towing mirrors.

Check the 'van door is locked.

Slowly move off the pitch, preferably with a helper outside, to check ground underneath the 'van, to retrieve any leveling boards, pegs, etc and to watch for overhanging trees, etc.

Walk around the pitch again checking for anything left behind, awning pegs, cables, etc.

Walk around the caravan doing a final check on stabilisers, door locked, roof lights closed, corner steadies up, safety cable and tow ball connection.

Stop when the unit is straight and check the adjustment of the towing mirrors.

Stop and pay if it's a commercial site.

After a short while of towing, park up and check inside the van that everything is OK.