What size awning do I need?

By Ian Gillis & Richard Cole

You first of all need to measure the size of awning required to fit your caravan.

This will be in your caravans handbook, will be known to the dealer and will (probably) to the awning supplier, but here's how you measure manually.

Measure what is called the “A” dimension by running some (non-stretchy) string through the awning channel, touching the floor at each end. This length of string, usually measured in centimetres (e.g. 925 cm) is the awning size.

Move your mouse over this picture to see where you should measure.


It is unlikely that any modifications to the caravan will be needed.

Most awnings now have built-in awning pole pads which don't need to be attached to the 'van.

You don't have to have an annexe, although they do permit you to use all of the awning space.

I have used an inner tent from an old frame tent, with the elastic strings attached to clips on the awning rafter poles to create extra outdoor sleeping space.

If you post a notice on the uk.rec.caravanning newsgroup or on one of the forums you may find someone who has changed their 'van and has an awning of the right size for sale, maybe with an annexe!.

You can get an idea of what is available new by looking at some of the awning manufacturers web sites - this will also give you sizes, since Dorema, for example, specify their awnings in size 10, 11, 12 etc., with some overlap between them.

The following are some to browse through:

Finally, have a look at discounted prices from awning dealers - a typical one is: http://www.bowenawnings.co.uk/index.htm, but there are others out there so use Google.