About Caravanning Now.

Everything you wanted to know (and probably some stuff you don't need to know).

About me.

My name is Richard Cole and I'm a retired software developer.
My wife and I caravanned for over 30 years before I decided that I wasn't enjoying the towing part of caravanning any more (in 2006) and a change of car settled that, so we sold the caravan and all of our parts for it.

I decided that I would carry on maintaining and updating Caravanning Now while my caravanning knowledge isn't (too far) out of date.

My personal web site is here and with my local (Dorset) photos are here.

Site History.

A site of caravanning frequently asked questions (FAQs) was originally started by me in response to constantly seeing the same questions being asked, time and time again, on the usenet news group uk.rec.caravanning and the people having to dig out the same old replies over and over again. These could be quite long and cause the usenet's download size to increase enormously (this was in the days before broadband when it was a dial-up connection).
That was back in 1995 (or there-about's) when I set it up in a sub-domain under by personal web pages on Demon.
After that it was simply a matter of pointing a link to the appropriate URL.

In 2003 I registered the caravanninnow.co.uk domain name and shortly afterwards transferred the web pages from Demon to my current hosting company (1 & 1) where it now lives and has been refreshed and rebuilt several times since.

The various pages are now updated as and when new information is obtained from site visitors and my various sources (and a very big thank you to all of my sources). Things such as new caravan breakers, changes of club email addresses, etc.


All information is provided 'as is'. It's up to you to make sensible use of it.

In other words if you break it because of something that you read here then don't come crying to me or to the quoted author.
I have no control over the content of any web site that may be included as a link.

Paying for it all.

At the moment income from the advertisers just about covers the hosting costs and I'm happy for this situation to continue, so that the site is free for all to use. Please feel free to click on the links to Amazon or the Google ads, it all helps.

Any links to external sites from within the text (i.e. on the Breakers, Links and any other page) are there to provide you with information and earn the site no income.

Errors, omissions and corrections:

If there are any errors, omissions or corrections required. Please contact me using the feedback shortcut or by clicking here.

What I do with your feedback.

I read it, try and correct/include/change whatever it is you've requested and then I respond to your feedback to tell you if the change has been made or if it hasn't been made then, why not.
I do tend to keep feedback emails as sometimes I get feedback saying that a particular site or link is now dead, so after testing I will remove that link. If the person it relates to comes back to ask why, I can then reinstate the link and forward on the requesting email to the person erroneously removed.

Quoting / Copying from this site.

If you want to take a chunk of information from this site and put it onto your site or to quote it in full on a forum then please respect the authors copyright and don't just do it. If you do need to take information, to put on a web site then ensure that you acknowledge to whom the copyright belongs and include a link back to this site.
Any infringement of this will receive a 'take-down' request from me and for the period I know the text to be there, there will be a charge of £1 per words per day.

If your posting to a forum please just post a page link to the forum. The forum will appreciate that.

Linking to this site:

If you find this site useful, please add a link to it from your web site.
Please use http://www.caravanningnow.co.uk/index.htm as the link page.
If you do add a link, then please send me a feedback message and I will reciprocate with a link to your site if I can.


What I collect from you when you visit this site.

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The hosting company's log file will collect the following information from you:

NOTE: The web log file information is effectively anonymous as it stores no information that can be regarded as personal (no user name, user id, address, contact information, etc). You can find out far more about me using various legitimate web tools like WhoIs than I can about you from the log files.

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What I do with the information.

The information I collect is already depersonalised and I use it to view:

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How much data is being transferred from the site each day, in case I need to upgrade my agreement with the company hosting this web site.

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How long I keep the information.

If I download the web log files (which I don't do anymore), then Indefinitely (or until I run out of space on my PC).

Google Analytics keeps information since the time I started using it (2008).

What I leave on your computer.

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