Caravanning Now - Data Protection

Data that I collect and what is done with it.


What I do with your feedback.

I read it, I try to correct / include / change whatever you have point out and then I will respond to your feedback to tell you the change has been made or if it hasn't been made then, why it hasn't been changed.

What I collect from you when you visit this site.

The site that hosts these web pages, like all hosting companies, creates a web log file, which I is used to analyze how many visitors this site has had and . This contains the same details about you as is collected at any other web site that you may visit and there is nothing that you can do to avoid the data being collected. The log file will collect the following information from you:

The IP address that you are connecting from. (This is most likely a temporary IP address assigned by your Internet Service Provider [ISP] each time you connect - In some cases this may be always the same IP address if you are on a fixed IP address).

The date and time of your visit.

The name of every page that you visit and the parts of that page (images / style sheets / etc.) that are downloaded to your computer in order that your computer can display the page.

Any errors that occurred during your visit to this site. (Page not found; Server errors; etc.).

How much data was transferred to your computer and how long that took.

If you came to this site from a link on someone else's web page (say Goggle), then it records the name of the site that you came from and if it was a search engine, it will also display what you were searching on (i.e. "Caravan Breakers").

The operating system and browser type that you are running on your PC and some information about your computer (i.e. screen resolution, number of colours, Javascript availability).

What I do with the information.

The information I collect is already depersonalised and I use it to view:

How many visitors the site has had and when they visited so I know when the site is most used (time of day and day of week).

How much data is being transferred from the site each day, in case I need to upgrade my agreement with the company hosting this web site.

How long visitors stay on the site so I can see how well it is being received.

Which pages are the most popular and which pages were not looked at.

Which page visitors enter the site through and which page they leave from, so if people are always abandoning this site on a particular page, I can look at the page and see if it need rewriting to make you want to stay longer.

How visitors navigate through the site, so I can improve the navigation to make popular pages easier to get to.

Any errors that may have occurred during a visit, so that I can fix them if they are broken links to other web sites.

Which browsers and operating systems were used to access the site, so that I can modify the pages to suit the browsers that are most popular.

How many people visit using mobile devices such as mobile phones or PDA's.

When the visitor came from a search engine, which search words they used to find this site, so that I can try and improve the web site contents and search engine optimisation (i.e. how near the top it comes when you search), by tweaking the search key words in each page.

What I leave on your computer.

My Analytics programs (Google Analytics) will, if you have enabled cookies and you permit cookies from this site, leave cookies on your computer. If you want to block cookies then see If you do decide to block cookies, then this site will still work but some other sites (especially commercial sites) may have problems.

The Google Analytics cookies may use information (not including your name, address, email address or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

If however, you book mark this site as a favourite, then as a part of that process, your browser will download a small icon image.