How to Pitch your caravan.

Simple steps. See also the electronic leveler project page.

You will need.

o A small spirit level or a smartphone leveling app (previously configured on a known level surface).
o A known work surface that is level (both fore and aft and side to side) when the van is level.

The first position your van, so that it is level side to side.

The most important reasons to be level are for your comfort and so that the fridge and the sink, especially the fridge will work correctly. (An unlevel fridge will either not work or will work poorly at best).

Place your spirit level in the ice tray of the freezer part of the fridge as this is a crucial part to get level. If your freezer is frozen, then use your known level work surface.

If the ground looks reasonably flat, then you may just have a wheel in a dip or on a small grass hummock, so possibly moving the van back and forth a few inches may be enough to level you side for side.

If it is more of a slope and the site owner doesn't care which way your caravan is pointing, then put a block under the uphill wheel and rotate the caravan by hand until it is level across the axle.

If you have to pitch the van facing in a specific direction, then either place pieces of old floorboard or a wedge type ramp or a proper caravan lifter under the 'downhill' wheel of the van (alternately and not recommended by me, dig a trench under the uphill wheel (a C&CC site we used, in Pembrokshire, has then already dug) increasing each until the van is level.

Now for fore and aft leveling.

Once you've got it flat across the axle (side for side) then you can unhitch it from the car (having firmly applied the hand-brake and chocked the wheels and start to level the caravan front to rear.
So rotate your spirit level a quarter turn to point fore and aft.
You level by raising or lowering the jockey wheel until the spirit level indicates that the van is level.

Once you are level in both directions, then you can lower the corner jacks.

It is usually worth checking the level again, once the corner jacks are lowered, as one corner steady may have been wound down more than the others.

NOTE: The corner jacks are not designed to carry the weight of the van. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIFT THE VAN ON THEM.